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Sean M.

Berkeley, CA 

Sandra has eclipsed my initial expectations and helped me tremendously.  Her passion, kindness and attention to detail are greatly appreciated.  For those of you that are on the fence, you have come to the right place. I cannot recommend Wildflowers Hypnotherapy enough.

David S.

Oakland, CA

Sandra's hypnotherapy saw me through one of the worst periods of my life. I was recovering from a broken rib while struggling with anxiety and depression in the heart of the pandemic. Hypnotherapy felt like cheating. It took so little effort on my part. It's like Sandra has a backdoor to your subconscious - tinkering around in there while you're in a state of blissful relaxation. Over about 3 months, my mental health improved by leaps and bounds. If you are struggling right now, with anxiety, depression, addiction, I can't recommend Sandra enough.

Jen M.

Sacramento, CA

Over the past year, I have been working on a second master’s  degree, and struggled with the process of writing the simplest and shortest of papers, even though I  was highly interested in and engaged with the subject matter.  My writer’s block seemed impenetrable and never-ending, as day after day I had to force myself to write, and it never became any easier. It was as if my mind had simply decided that I no longer loved writing and "shut off." I was asked to apply for a PhD studentship at my university but was afraid that this now year-long writer’s block would prevent me from attaining this goal.  I worked with Sandra over a few weeks to identify the blockages, remove the limitations I was feeling, and replace them with enhanced focus, eagerness, and determination. I am now able to sit down at the computer and begin writing as I did before the blockage. I feel mentally ready to tackle my PhD and the enormous amounts of writing ahead of me! I am no longer a skeptic, and I know that if I ever have an issue again, that Sandra’s hypnotherapy will guide me through the worst obstacles!

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