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Sandra Zambo

Sandra Zambo, CCHT & Hypnotic Coach

After graduating from California School of Hypnotherapy (CASOH) Sandra Zambo completed an internship at Sacramento Hypnotherapy where she received excellent mentorship, and gained valuable experience as a skilled hypnotherapist.


It is an absolute dream come true for her to do this work. She understands what it feels like to be at your wits end with anxiety, lack of self confidence and self worth.

For Sandra, getting connected with her own Inner Wisdom through hypnotherapy was life changing and allowed her to finally experience inner peace that was always missing from her life.

Sandra brings her love and passion for holistic health into her work as a hypnotherapist and nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients find peace and balance.


Check out Sandra's interview with Mystic Mag Here, where she talks about her journey to opening Wildflowers Hypnotherapy!

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